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Radial Rift-Sawn Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak WIde.jpg

Our Radial Rift Sawn Red Oak Flooring starts from hand selected veneer grade logs — a quality of log so high that no other manufacturer uses this grade of log. These logs are further inspected for uniformity in color, grain and diameter. Of the 25 North American species of Red Oak, Quarter-Sawn Flooring’s product is produced from only one, the true Northern Red Oak “Quercus Rubra”. From these logs, we only use those in the midrange of the Quercus Rubra species color spectrum.*

Rift Sawn Red Oak.jpg
  • Grade: Exceeds NWFA/ NOFMA’s Clear standard

  • 100% Heart Wood (sapwood removed)

  • Vertical grain structure of 30 - 80° (depending on log’s medullary rays)

  • Grade: Exceeds NWFA/ NOFMA’s Rift-Sawn standard

  • Long lengths: 30" to 12' lengths averaging over 5' per board (longer by request)

  • Width: 4", 5" & 6" (special order widths available)

  • 3/4" thickness, other thicknesses available (1/2", 5/8" & full 1" by use of other plywood

  • thicknesses)

  • Tongue & grooved, end matched & relief bottoms to NOFMA standards

  • Moisture content of 7% to 9% unless otherwise specified

  • Finish: Unfinished or optional pre-finishes (Hard Wax Oil or 100% solids UV cured
    Aluminum Oxide)

  • Construction: Industry leading full 12-ply engineered construction featuring 15mm exterior grade, CARB compliant Premium Russian Baltic Birch with a 4.5mm thick wear layer

  • SK-8 Glue (designed for wooden skateboards)

  • Cold Press clamping for a sure bond

  • Edge Treatments: Square, microbevel (mini or micro) and rolled (rounded)

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