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Wide Plank American Black Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Wide Plank Walnut Wide.jpg
American Black Walnut has always been one of the most coveted domestic species of wood used by furniture makers. One reason for this, besides its beauty, is due to its inherent stability, making for an exceptionally stable wide plank floor.
Our center cut cathedral grain wide plank flooring starts from hand selected veneer grade logs This is a quality so high that no other manufacturer uses this grade of log. These logs are further inspected for uniformity in color, grain and diameter. Our walnut is not steamed to maintain the greatest quality of color in our flooring. We remove all sapwood leaving only the rich chocolate brown heartwood.
The creation of our center cut cathedral grain wide plank American Black Walnut came after years of endless requests. We selected smaller diameter trees than we commonly use for our quarter sawn cut flooring. This provides a tighter cathedral grain in the middle of the board with a more harmonious appearance and greater stability. These younger trees have less developed branches which yield boards with smaller knots in the center. The result is a floor with beautiful deep chocolate brown tones and a sophisticated tight centered cathedral grain pattern that provides the simple eloquence and consistency we strive towards. 
Wide Plank Walnut.jpg
  • 100% Heart Wood (all sapwood removed)

  • Unsteamed natural walnut color

  • Grade: 80% of board meets Clear grade. The very center of the board (center of log)
    can have defects requiring some filling

  • Long lengths: 30" up to 10' lengths averaging over 5' per board (maximum length dependent on forest yield)

  • Width: 9" (special order widths available)

  • 3/4" thickness

  • Tongue & grooved, end matched & relief bottoms to NOFMA standards 

  • Moisture content of 7% to 8% unless otherwise specified

  • Finish: Unfinished or optional pre-finishes (Hard Wax Oil or 100% solids UV cured
    Aluminum Oxide available)

  • Construction: Industry leading full 12-ply engineered construction featuring 15mm
    exterior grade, CARB compliant, Baltic Birch plywood

  • Edge Treatments: square, micro, mini bevel, and rounded

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