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Antique Floors was founded in 2002 by Daniel Moore, however he had been in the reclaimed wood business all of his life as his father and grandfather started E.T.Moore Manufacturing in 1970, ET Moore is the largest reclaimed wood specialist in America.  At the age of 14 years old, Daniel had worked in the mill grading lumber, sorting, stacking, and delivering materials.  As the years went by, he eventually started installing floors on job sites.  After high school, Daniel attended Brevard College and graduated with a Bachelors in Science with a concentration in Business.  


       In just a few years, Daniel went on to build a business focused on the manufacturing, installation, and siting sanding of reclaimed and rare wood flooring.  Daniel became a Class "A" contractor, Lead renovator, NWFA certified refinisher, NWFA certified installer, and went on to becoming Virginia's first degree'd NWFA (national wood flooring Association) Master craftsman at the age of 35.  He went on to become one of the NWFA's regional instructors and has since refocused his attention on building upon the foundation laid nearly 50 years before.  


        Antique floors is among the industry's full service flooring companies specializing in reclaimed heart pine and other rare flooring materials.  We are capable of anything imaginable.  Give us a call or send us your plans and we will make your dreams a reality.

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